Support this mediation and patient safety project builds on the work of the Institute.

Support this mediation and patient safety project builds on the work of the Institute, the Chicago Patient Safety Forum to create and of innovative approaches, of innovative approaches, the error due to reduced collaboration and interdisciplinary research. This grant along with a $ 230,000 grant for a new obesity reduction project at Rush are just two of the ways that the institution of the Board. Continues to fulfill its philanthropic mission – ‘As a Chicago-based philanthropy, the Institute to develop to enable promising local health and wellness initiatives and replicate focused over the years, Rush and his predecessors have consistently our grants are used to achieve our shared vision we are confident.

Overseeing the process In 2001, Rush outreach program of the Center for Public Resources ‘ Outstanding Achievement Award, and in 2003 it was specifically cited in tort reform legislation adopted in Pennsylvania as a model for the resolution of malpractice claims.. The Medical Malpractice Mediation Program at Rush began in 1995, nationally recognized for its effective method of resolving medical malpractice disputes by recognizing side effects and fairly compensate injured injured as a result, may be recognized. Rush Mediation program is unique in in that two co-mediators, experienced trial attorneys will be selected by the injured patients in order.Robotics – assisted surgery has become an of the fastest growing technological progress in the field of gynecological oncology into the last few years. Surgery surgery technique, their impact on the occupation and his part in the the future of women Crab treat be few of the topics to the the party of Gynaecological Oncology ‘ 2009 Meeting on cancer 5 to 8 Feb. February 5 to 8, in San Antonio.

It may also an effective option for women with ovarian cysts, abdominal uterine bleeding and myoma. Patient are elected in robotics surgical observed supplementary advantages compared to traditional surgery, including lower risk blood loss, reduced pain and scar , a shorter hospital stay and especially quicker recovery. Four-arm surgical machine is provide surgeons with the with better depth perception, three-dimensional view three-dimensional view the notch and an increase 10 times bigger than the human eye, for extremely complex procedures. – ‘the years the next few years in the area of gynecological oncology is likely will see the comprehensive implementation on Roboter – assisted surgery,’says Dr. That the implementing has robotics-based surgery for more than three years and supervised Northwestern Hospitals’ robot surgery program.

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