Symbiosis Group Ltd.

Symbiosis Group Ltd. Acting Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Smith, that the potential market opportunities for RapiSure technology were significant. While technology is RapiSure early Symbiosis on the strength of scientific research, Professor Jennings ‘ and his reputation as a world leader in bacterial meningitis was impressed, said Smith. – We are confident that this technology has the potential and the basis for business success. . ###For more information please go to: The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Just a pinprick of the patient’s blood – ‘RapiSure is will enable the design its rapid diagnostic test for use by physicians in surgeries and clinics administered immediate treatment,’Henderson said. – ‘The investment by Symbiosis Group should develop a prototype RapiSure to early 2007, with the prototype production and clinical validation remains 2007 in the year. ‘The company’s test potentially be on the market in less than three years -..The precise and accurate measure organic molecules in an accredited quality of systems the environment required expensive instrumentation as well as significant expertise and know-how. Expertisearch projects. Just viability in the commercial field.

UQ Sciences cancel further new avenues with the launch of the lift of Organics Analysis, that period University of Queensland explorer have access to a state-of – the-art test plant , which cut out cutout which to carry out research projects.

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