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World Heart Day is sponsored worldwide by the World Heart Federation and supported nationally by the American College of Cardiology, the ACC website.the World Heart Federation, a NGOs in Geneva, Switzerland, is the global sponsor of the world Heart Day Web links and. ACC is a 56 – year-old professional medical society and teaching institution, the more than 33,000 cardiovascular professionals worldwide , it promotes optimal cardiovascular care and disease prevention through professional education, promotion of research, leadership in the development of standards and guidelines and the formulation of health policy.

She was conductor oncology clinical development in Farmitalia CarloErba and Pharmacia and Ciba / Novartis . She is currently founder and director of MLC, an international Italian based consulting group for the development of new cancer therapies that groups and industry groups and industry throughout the world. Lassus was enough with the development of the first in man studies of more than 50 new targeted therapies by traditional cytotoxic molecules, immunotherapy and gene therapy markets. She is also responsible for the approval process of several recent large funds such as the aromatase inhibitor letrozole cytostatics epirubicin, idarubicin, gemcitabine, and other ALIMTA. Since 2004 she is the Director of the Oncology Program at LCI.Suicide is a global epidemic as a fine. Into the last 45 years suicide rates raised by 60 percent worldwide. Time of death, of the three causes of death at age 15-44 years in some countries and the second leading cause of death in of 10-24 year-olds, these figures do not include suicide attempt, of up to up to 20 times frequently than is complete the.

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