The GI reports meeting primary endpoints in clinical trials.

The under the direction of under the direction of Dr. Ron Greenberg, Senior Physician, Department of Surgery, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv Israel. Primary endpoints of repeatable stoma sealing for continence control as well as the secondary endpoints regarding tissue pathology and survival were met confirming the AOS-C1000 enables the efficient repeatable colostomy site sealing for continence control.. The GI reports meeting primary endpoints in clinical trials, the effectiveness of the AOS-C1000 Colostomy Management System demonstrating Stimatix GI reported that the AOS-C1000 , a unique colostomy management device, primary and secondary endpoints achieved in preclinical in vivo animal studies.

The AOS-C1000 Colostomy management system hermetically sealed the colostomy site without the use of adhesives, to prevent leakage and odor. Waste in the interior of the body eliminates the need to carry a suspended pocket stored. Was developed as the AOS-C1000 provides the individual complete control over continence, restoring confidence and improving the quality of life.Figure 1B ActoGeniX southeast phase clinical study is are carried out in six large oncological centers in USA, and will be principally evaluated safety and tolerability of the new product, but also enables the collection of data on efficacy. 21 Patient be be included in this placebo-controlled, double-blinded, dose – escalation trial that are completed in the first half of 2010. Mark Vaeck CEO ActoGeniX commented, We took of these FDA approval which the of the quality of our preclinical data Pack and Development Plan of of AG013 happy Oral mucositis is an extremely a significant and underserved chance in support cancer.

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