The live births increased in 2002 first time in eight years.

The researchers concluded that: – to ‘The generation of human adult germline stem cells from testicular biopsies may be simple and non – controversial access to individual cell-based therapy without the ethical and immunological problems with human embryonic stem cells related services. Provide ‘.

They succeeded in harvesting stem cells from stable spermatogonia taken from routine tissue biopsies of the testes of 22 adult male humans. They showed that the cells in the regression to cells of all three germ layers in in the very early stages of a new human embryo to be persuaded. Stem cells. To be used by culturing them in the same way at do differentiate embryonic stem cells.The live births increased in 2002 first time in eight years, however only by 0.25 %. And the average age women her first child of their first child 27.4 in 2003, compared with 25.7 in 1991. Our reports provide fact-based news researches and discoveries around the world Copyright 2012.

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