The new device allows Contura Methodist physicians.

.. The new device allows Contura Methodist physicians, the radiation dose to the skin and fins control in a sophisticated way by feeding treatment through five channels of therapy and the treatment of target within the breast. This new therapy also less cosmetic damage to the chest. That With this new treatment option we can tailor the dosages for each patient ‘s needs and reduce the risk of affecting important surrounding normal tissue such as skin, heart and lungs, said Dr. Professor and radiation oncologist at Methodist. The collaboration between a breast cancer surgeon and oncologist allows us to offer high quality personal service in a five-day treatment, so that patients can more quickly live in their day-to – day.

‘.. Hormone-refractory prostate ‘ Rexin – G, A Tumor – Targeted Genetic Medicine for Metastatic Cancer, Gains Phase 3 Product by the U.S. FDA – announced Epeius Biotechnologies that the U.S. FDA has Phase 3 status for the main project of the company’s anti – cancer drug granted Rexin – G, developed the first and only targeted gene delivery system to seek and destroy metastatic cancer. According to Dr. Maria Gordon, Chief Medical Officer of Epeius, ‘What does this mean in terms of clinical development that Rexin – G product, with its advanced GMP, Bio – processing and final formulation meets stringent FDA standards for obtaining a marketing authorization in in the future, and that Epeius Biotech can now proceed with its strategic, diversified phase 3 development of treatments for pancreatic cancer, osteosarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma.European governments priorities both for action priorities for action a meeting in Budapest, Hungary starting on the 22nd – Researchers led on Giorgio Tamburlini Institute of of child health in Trieste, Italy, to accidents are the largest single environment killer, accounting for three-quarters Been of the 100,000 annual deaths. In Europe? Poorest countries Been pneumonia, air air pollution in enclosed spaces and diarrhea caused by of the lack of sanitation and clear water even major causes of death.. For availability of hard data will now to ensure that European states to retaliate, prioritize as the provision on clean drinking water.

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