The Nursing & obstetric Council has the UK regulator used to two professions.

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The Nursing & obstetric Council has the UK regulator used to two professions, maintenance and Midwifery Programme. The primary goal of the NMC is to protect of the public. It does this by of keeping registers is of all nurses, midwife and eligible trade public to practice public health nurses in the UK and carried setting the standards the education, training and behavior of. Is currently to number of registrants is about the 674th Which Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 , sets out the NMC the roller and responsibility.

The independent judging panel heard evidence that at the time of incident Mrs Oberholzer was to her a final warning from her employer and had no rehabilitation steps of or indicated no insight into their own actions. In the light of seriousness the potential harm to her mistakes and put for the patient, the committee completed that Mrs Oberholzer actions was generally be incompatible with remaining to to the register. Three years of and a registered nurse at the Plymouth Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre, faced the same charges as Mrs Oberholzer has with three years a three-year Attention In order. To panels decision is in early admission Ms Dobrogowska of the fee and Your expression of regret, and considered that Dobrogowska women had the time from the effects a difficult pregnancy. It well agreed a set of testimonies and demonstrated a real commitment to their profession as nurse was what which sufficiently public is adequately through the issuance of Ms Dobrogowska to a three-year gently order to be protected. Underline reaction to the Panel decision Petronella Oberholzer from register, wrote NMC spokeswoman for Kristy Hempel:.

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