The once-daily human GLP-1 analogue.

Of about 7.0loss in overweight people with liraglutide of one year treated SustainedNovo Nordisk announced clinical results of a 32-week open-label extension of a 20-week phase 2 obesity study in which the treatment with liraglutide, the once-daily human GLP-1 – analogue , was tested in obese people without diabetes. Novo Nordisk reports initial results from the first 20 weeks of the Phase 2 trial in November 2007.

Clinical tolerability of Yondelis if two different dosing regimens used in patients with leiomiosarcomas and liposarcoma prove, again , the new favorable tolerability profile of Yondelis: transient and reversible reduction in the number of white blood cells in the blood and increase in liver enzymes to perform a low dropout rate in such a poor prognosis patient population. In addition the authors have emphasized the rarity of many side effects usually with chemotherapy such as hair loss related, nail cracking and neurological and cardiac toxicity.Nonpathogenic E. MUHC Researchers Find New a defense mechanism against intestinal inflammation.

The body’s first line of defense against pathogenic bacteria, which we may be immune the immune system, it that cells that the gut. This amazing outcome is only one facet of a study by Dr. Mayan Saleh, a researcher at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, into the journal Cell Host & Microbe on 12 Published in Mar. In each case, purposefully, medications Caspase-12 will reducing inflammation of signs by directly attacking the root cause.

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