The reason for to the PCOS is unknown.

The authors call for formal review and investigation of the strong evidence of the effects of improved access to medicines, such as misoprostol and antibiotics to winning community settings and information on their proper use and side effects.

For the study, the researchers blood samples from nearly 200 Tibetan villagers high in three different regions in the Himalayas collected and compared their DNA with their lowland counterparts in China.Discussed The connection between the PCOS and infertility In the details, – long term is the so-called ‘gold standard’treatment for clomifene follicle growth follicle growth and the ovulation. Complication in treatment of infertility in women with PCOS are multiple gestations according to ovulation, Ovary and in -vitro fertilization cycle of cancellation. For pregnant women, PCOS can be lead early pregnancy, gestational diabetes, pregnant – induced hypertension, preeclampsia, and a higher risk of delivery by cesarean section. – infer the authors, that the burden of PCOS to expand probably said, ‘futures priorities on PCOS include development of evidence-based criteria on diagnosing and treating, and the determination of natural history, causes and long-term impacts and prevention of the disease..

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