The research findings.

The research findings , published in the BMJ journal Occupational Environmental Medicine, include that with solvents such as with solvents such as glycol ethers, a 2.5 times higher risk of having a low motile sperm must compared to men with low exposure. Glycol ethers are used in many products such as water-based paints – a product used by many painters and decorators.

Fallen dramatically. Symptoms not evident in children under 6 monthsA study of the development of autism in toddlers, compares the behavior of the siblings of children with autism that babies diagnosed develop normally, has found that the resulting symptoms of the disease – a lack to common eye contact, smiling and communicative babbling – clearly not present at 6 months, but emerge gradually and only in the second half of the first year of life.Through a combination of internal product development efforts and through the acquisition of plementary products and product candidate For more info about ISTA, forward looking statements please to visit website at.. OVER ISTAISTA being a specialty pharmaceutical company and commercialization of unique and commercialization of unique and unique improved ophthalmic items. To ISTA products and drug candidate to find to appeal serious diseases and conditions of the eye such as dry eyes, hemorrhage into the vitreous, diabetic retinopathy, hyphema, of glaucoma, ocular pain and inflammation associated. Building on this pipeline, ISTA want to aim to its path of growth as specialty pharmaceutical company offering continued.

In addition, 75 percent of patients Been treatment painless in two days by Xibrom twice daily. Addition, 93 percent of patients. Xibrom twice daily without pain in six days after treatment this pipeline ophthalmology anti-inflammatory market comprises steroids, NSAR and combination of products. Estimated balanced on 2005 a prescription data provided by IMS that U.S. Sales in 2005 in that market approx $ 400 million. Using total prescriptions of 8.8 million euros.. ISTA has two Phase III clinical trials of twice -daily formulation of Xibrom completed in the United States.

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