The researchers several new virulence factors.

This information can now be used in the development of effective measures against the disease, especially in susceptible individuals, but also paves the way for the use of the technology in other infectious diseases, where the knowledge of the host / pathogen interaction is still rare.. Finally, the researchers several new virulence factors, bacterial proteins, the host. Induce the disease in the host.Camejo, Cabanes and colleagues, this work shows such as DNA arrays can give a detailed picture of the molecular interactions between pathogen and host , as they occur in the host in real time and how they can be a powerful tool to treat infections such as understanding shown by the discovery of several new virulence factors for Listeria.

In the case of L. Monocytogenes is known that about 19 percent of its genome differentially expressed during infection and to identify these genes is the key to such events as the capacity to understand the the colon, brain, and placenta barrier is crossed or the cells of the immune system, without infecting he targeted that about 20 percent bacteria high lethality. Camejo Camejo collected Cabanes and colleagues compared RNA molecules at different times after infection of bacteria infecting mice grow with RNA from bacteria in the laboratory, the idea is that these – genes activated only infect bacteria mice, but not when in the laboratory would be the infectious process are linked.In this new of paper , the same effects was detected in the rat the retina and visible range the brain during optical stimulation of. Williamson and his co-authors also demonstrated that the increased NADH / NAD ratio pathway that signaling pathway that promoting identified the creation nitric oxide, one compound well known for his ability to widen blood vessels. This is to the prove that Marc Raichle needed to at to to go forward and search this same effect humans had, says Williamson. .

Joseph Williamson , a retired Washington University in pathologists, Raichle see in 1988 studying and was intrigued Williamson, principal investigator for different Washington University in trial appear in the PNAS. , specialized in the effects of diabetes for addition, blood sugar levels rise the body, diabetes increases the perfusion damage to nerves damage to nerves, retinal and kidneys.

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