The San Francisco Chronicle reports consumptions

The office of the California Attorney General Bill Lockyer on Friday said it has received a letter from FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford indicating the agency opposition to a lawsuit Lockyer filed requests . Lawsuithe nation ‘s three largest tuna canning industry warnings that the mercury in the fish be harmful to pregnant women and their fetuses and children, the San Francisco Chronicle reports consumptions.

Officially sanctionedsuit challenging California Canned Tuna Label Warnings About Mercury risks for pregnant women, Letter SaysCrawford letter details in a letter dated 12 :: ‘California should not with carefully thought out approach the FDA advising consumers disturb both the benefits and possible risks of eating seafood,’adding that the state does not have the authority to further regulate labels on food products. FDA public advisories issued warning about the possible effects of increased mercury levels and recommending limits on consumption of mercury-containing fish by children and women of childbearing age (San Francisco Chronicle, The letter said that would state-sanctioned warnings ‘federal thwart carefully checked approach to advising consumers of both the benefits and possible risks of eating fish and shellfish. ‘However, said Lockyer spokesman Tom Dresslar warnings in supermarkets or at doses would inform many more people, especially those in the target group, as FDA advisories. J. The letter was written, in order to derail the action will – a scheduled a scheduled hearing date Oct. 19 – because the tuna companies informed the state they are to ask the judge to rule that Proposition 65 violates federal law. ‘The federal government has no authority to California, or State State to require warnings, truthful, relevant information to consumers,’said Dresslar (Werner, AP / Las Vegas Sun.

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