Theyre not as new brain cells.

The clinical trial is based on laboratory and animal studies indicating that stem cells from the bone marrow to the injured area migrate to the brain and help repair the damage. They’re not as new brain cells, but they can improve the repair processes and reducing the damages. .

– This is our first attempt to seek at the safety of the use of stem cells in patients with acute stroke, said Sean I. Assistant Professor of Neurology at the medical school. There are a lot of promise behind it, but we want to do it in a slow, rigorous fashion. Because we injecting them intravenously, these cells can many different many different parts of the body and that is why at at safety parameters. .. Funded Phase I study with a pilot grant from the National Institutes of Health, the patients use their own stem cells. Researchers will enroll 10 patients are suffered a stroke and are treated in the Emergency Center at Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center.Dr Leila Shepherdsville, Chief Technology Officer of DNA Electronics adds 6,000 employees introduction for SNP Dr. To the Grand Prix OP would also pave the way for new kinds of drugs to patient in future to achieve. She says:.

A test as to to prescription drugs with on-the – spot DNA analysisA handheld device in order to predict whether patients respond negatively to medicament being a stepping closer to announced on to the market, through a new partner recently. The instrument in the experimental phase has that single nucleotide polymorphism Ph.D. And SNPs Dr. It is a portable technology that quick and accurate location testing results for specific DNA sequences, we to certain drugs to certain drugs view there.

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