This first case took about ten hours.

After such a long, complicated operation, ‘my daughter will be covered with bandages and gauze and tape expecting to have a big swollen belly with a big wound, ‘the his mother his mother. ‘But there was nothing of the sort. Was I stunned. Her stomach was flat and normal, no bandages, not even a patch, just a few small incisions , which was covered as with glue., I thought they would be this happy. No. Huge scar she could wear a bikini ‘.. This first case took about ten hours, as compared to six to eight hours in an open procedure. I thought they Gundeti and adult urologists Arieh Shalhav and Gregory Zagaja and follows, residents and nursing staff.

Pain management for this case consisted of oral medications rather than the traditional morphine and epidural anesthesia, which is contraindicated in young patients who previous previous spine surgery. – The patient started to drink clear liquids 6 hours after surgery and eating within 24 hours that they ‘appreciated ‘, Gundeti said. She went home about four days after her surgery and within six weeks was completely continent, day and night. ‘This is a great benefit for the child and their family,’said Gundeti.Look out for a particular CNN Health function Close on the Friday about the dangers bringing up a child to autismwho rushes without notice.

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