This immune therapy based on the properties of dendritic cells.

There is a real possibility that you could be treated with an alligator blood product one day he added.Traders and colleagues had already shown in previous research projects that alligators to an immune system that is very different than that of the people. It is very strong and helps the reptile to heal quickly so confers a significant survival advantage creatures severe injuries severe injuries during territorial battles.

The next step is the chemical structure of the chemical structure of alligator blood proteins and determine which ones have the most antimicrobial power. Kaufmann and his team expect at least four chemicals are involved. Call of the exact chemical composition of the antimicrobial agents in alligator blood helps researchers develop experimental antibacterial and antifungal one day one day be used as creams or was taken as pills.This immune therapy based on the properties of dendritic cells, whose function is, specific proteins of of infectious organisms to present on their surface, We hope that the alerting of rest of of the immune. In collaboration with Argos Therapeutics, researchers designed a study where the dendritic cell from nine patients in the trial have been propagated in vitro and then with the RNA by the virus that every patient had infected. A viral sample has been. Prior to administration of an antiretroviral treatment.

The trial enrolled 370 patients, a professor of medicine one positive blood culture for Candida had to within 96 hours of entering the study.

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