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The Hill: A bill aimed to appeal to physicians in medically underserved areas by shielding them from paying for malpractice coverage at work is facing stiff resistance. ‘The bill on Thursday by the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee approved would free malpractice coverage for physicians offer volunteering at community health centers . Private institutions receive federal funds to help patients.Extracts of from unpeeled apples, oranges and bananas on rat cells of and see if they protected to cells from dying when it was based exposure to a toxic chemical. Although the study played that the extracts have protected some of cells from damage occurring, it does not mean to will eating these fruits on human on human neurons in the brain. Moreover, this study did not, was as eating fruit stopping or to slow complex process complex process such as development of Alzheimer’s disease. In If do the results of the study can not direct connections between the benefits of eating fruit and Alzheimer, there is a large mass of evidence showing that eating avoidance full of fruit and vegetables of advantage for maintaining healthy and has out of sickness.. Newspaper history of is based on laboratory study, are in which scientists.

‘ Alzheimer’s heal of the fruit of The Sun, February 2008.An apple a day.What eating fruits could Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Daily Mail in Feb. 2008 to avoid. The left to the scientific.

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