This is a disease that affects women as well as men.

– This is a disease that affects women as well as men, and yet it remains poorly understood and women are still underrepresented in studies, Dr. Hsich said, adding that large multicenter HF trials in the last decade, only an average of contain 28 % women. It’s really important for women to speak and do not wait for their physician in order to approach about participating in a clinical trial. Doing so, we can help to ensure that solid future advances in HF treatments for women and supported by a research are .. A critical challenge remains enrolling women in clinical trials and inspiring researchers conduct gender studies.

Although she, warns that this statement should in no way prompt women of that Doing so, we doctor recommends differ. ‘We must remember that the women have to work to get treatment because they live longer,’she added. ‘However, we need to gain a better understanding of HF in women, so that we know if we know about the best possible care. ‘.. The data indicate that HF – an life-threatening disease male patients.n. – pumps through the body through the body may – affects women at an older age and often with a stronger heart than men.This work – a collaboration from Curt Furberg to the Wake Forrest University, with Bruce Psaty of the University of Washington and FitzGerald – seems Added the 17th December In current and in 25th January print issue of the magazine. Was performed study, researchers used a conventional random based approach called meta-analysis of two studies of two studies, a more assessment of the risk of heart attacks and stroke as from looking at either trial only obtain possible to. Your analysis reveals that to COX – 2 inhibitors have Bextra increased the combined incidence of heart attacks and strokes triple in study population of CABG patients..

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