Urgent humanitarian needs met.

The overall health status of the population and the ability to and sanitation, ande outbreaks include at the improvement of water supply and sanitation, and ensure that a million people are still living in tents have access to sufficient transitional shelter. – ‘The massive destruction caused by the earthquake provoked done an extraordinary outpouring of generosity from private donors around the world and promises to the international community to ‘build Haiti back better, ”said Stefano Zannini, MSF head of mission in Haiti. – ‘But the sad reality today is that even as Haitians try to rebuild their lives, many people remain extremely vulnerable, especially since it has a second and largely preventable disaster in a cholera epidemic that has so far cost the lives of at least 3,600 more people.

Three of the facilities in the capital will be new in 2011 – including the only functioning burn treatment unit in the capital replacement temporary shelters are built and founded in the wake of the earthquake. Outside the capital, in L og ne is, MSF continue to running general a newly built 120-bed hospital. Among operational priorities of MSF in Haiti are obstetric, emergency and trauma care.. MSF operational resources projections for Haiti for 2011 are 46 million euros (keep 60th a network of six private hospitals in Port-au-Prince, with a total capacity of up to 1,000 beds, and support for two to keep Ministry of Health hospitals.University scientists detector detector faces of instability in the DNA, which are known to lead for developing of cancer.

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