We have the effect the effect of THC in an animal model yet.

We have the effect the effect of THC in an animal model yet, do not recommend people start to avoid using pot or treat cancer. – hurt In fact, Meveczky said THC has also been shown to suppress the immune system so smoking marijuana more harm than good could for patients whose immune systems are often already weakened.. The USF researchers suggest that THC selectively inhibits the spread of gamma herpes viruses by targeting a gene these viruses all stocks 50th than ORF Medveczky emphasized that more studies are needed.

The USF team, led by virologist Peter Medveczky noted, en grown prevented if infected cells were grown in the presence of THC. While cells mouse mouse gamma herpes virus normally died when the virus reactivated, the same cells survived when cultured in the laboratory along with the cannabinoid compound – further evidence that THC prevents viral reactivation.To Gartner CE, indoor WD, Chapman south, Freeman W ‘. Should health the Community to promote smokeless tobacco as the loss minimization measure ‘PLoS Open Med 4 E185 E185 Link to Article. The Public Library of Science 185 Berry Street, suites 3.1 thousand in San Francisco.

And Hall,s Tobacco Products – them than as a harm reduction measure?

Snuff seems are widely used as an alternative to cigarettes Sweden, for the the low prevalence of of smoking and smoking-related disease. ‘On the Swedish User,’says Gartner and Hall, ‘there is a great prima facie case for public health and ethical grounds for recommendation snus inveterate smokers who reduce their health risks and the auditing of public policies, such as lower taxes on snus is and public information campaigns in order to promote the use smokers.

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