We need minimally disruptive medicine Carl May.

‘We need minimally disruptive medicine ‘Carl May, Victor M Montori, Frances S Mair doi= 10.1136/bmj.b2803 bmj.with the truthwer says Glaxo marketing VP ‘Sir’ Andrew Witty was massive massive criminal cover-up The recent landmark ruling against drug giant GlaxoSmithKline , as we recently reported, more to a massive fine of LED than $ 3 billion and an admission from the company to commit crimes was crimes (by an apology from GSK vice president of marketing ‘Sir ‘Andrew Witty for the company ‘past ‘mistakes followed. But after whistleblowers Gregory Thorpe is the apology meaningless as Witty GSK had spent the years, as the company proved to have engaged in illegal activities, and was more than likely involved.

He explained chronic disease should be less disruptive to the daily lives of patientsA paper on bmj.com today reports that overwhelms many patients with complex chronic diseases, which are characterized by their treatment.The authors explain that the burden caused by the health system itself. To be effective, must be taken less annoying to the daily life of patients. – Write Professors Carl May, Victor Montori, and Frances Mair: ‘Chronic disease is the great epidemic of our time, but the strategies that we developed to have to manage it, a growing burden for the patients who created them. ‘This treatment burden leads to poor observance, wasted resources and poor results.Such aggressive management not only drastic increases the cost of end-of – life care, it is very many times no improvement in quality of life of for a dying man. – That is conversations communicating the center of coordinate efforts for which POLST of paradigm, a program will ensure that a patient’s wishes regarding life-sustaining treatments are known and awarded in all health is encouraged care homes.

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