Women want their doctors.

Women want their doctors, their illness, not taking into account their birthdays. ‘In our work with older women, we found that 33 % would choose chemotherapy if it would extend their lives by 12 months or more,’she said.

Elderly women in good health can do it better than younger women in poorer health. At this point we do not need more research to document what we already know: older women get less intensive treatment What we need is an understanding of the biology of cancer in this population[ women 65 years or older with breast cancer], tools. That can help doctors to identify physiological reserve and ability to withstand the rigors of more aggressive treatment, and consequent survey of informed preferences of the women. . The report is available online.The study involved 285 persons and which been for people with type 1 diabetes had been dealt with for an average 11 years. The current practice, said Berlin Wall being to start for the use of the two drugs for about 15 years after diagnosis.

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